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Compass was designed to be easy to use above all else because great software shouldn’t get in the way of sales professionals closing deals. We provide the tools you need to build the perfect call workflow so that your team can always crush their quotas. Sales teams of any size can benefit from a platform designed for optimizing performance and automation.

You can easily design the perfect script for any kind of call whether you’re working on prospecting, inbound sales, project discovery, or order handling. Every time a script is used, Compass will capture selected answers, raised objections, and customer questions so that your team can focus on what really matters.

New team members will feel confident diving into calls out of the gate with data-driven scripts to help them get early wins. Managers can also benefit from call reporting data to ensure their teams are able to maximize their performance. As you use Compass to refine your scripts, you’ll gain insights that will help you close more deals.

The Team

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Mitch Glenn

Founder & Creator

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Kaela Glenn

Product Manager

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