How to handle objections during a call

This article outlines how objections are handled while your team members use scripts.

For information on setting up objections, read the article Creating Objection Handlers.

To get started, start a new call at Calls > New Call.

Select a script and choose Start. Once you’re on the live call page, you’ll see a list of the objection handlers that you can use at any time during the call.

Compass software UI handle objection during call overview

When your team member selects an objection during a call, they will see a pop-up that includes the information they need to handle the objection.

Compass software UI team member handle objection details

View recorded objections

After a script is used, all answers, objections, and customer questions are saved for your records and reports. The time when you selected the objection is captured and displayed on the completed call record.

Compass software UI showing the completed call record with objections that were handled

For more information on viewing calls, read the article Viewing Calls.

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