How to start a call from another system

This article explains how to generate a URL that automatically starts a new call for a specific script. This link can be added to 3rd party systems to make it easier to start a call in Compass from the software your team works from.

Get the script's unique identifier

First, go to Scripts and then choose the specific script that you want to use to start calls.

Once you've opened the script, look at the address bar in your browser, copy the portion of text displayed after the /scripts/ address.

Compass software UI displaying the script unique identifer

For example, if the full URL is then the script's unique identifer is 5ba32a67841943193 and you should only copy that portion of the adddress.

Build your link

After you've copied the script's unique identifier then you're ready to build the link that can be used to start new calls using the script.

The URL used to start a new call is provided below, just replace the X with your script's unique identifier:

Below is an example of using the link to start a new call from another software.

Compass software UI displaying starting a call from another system

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