How to use a script

First — Start a call

Click on the + in the top right of the screen or head over to Calls > New Call.

Compass UI showing how to start a new call

Choose a script to use from your list of scripts.

Compass user interface starting a new call choose script options

Select Start.

Note: To learn how to start a call from another system, read the article How to start a call from another system

At the top of the screen, you'll see the question listed. Use this as a guide for what to say to your customer.

The next part listed are the answers. When the customer replies to your question, you choose the answer that closest fits their response.

Compass user interface for using a script during a call

How to handle customer objections and questions

If your customer raises any objections or asks questions during the call, you can mark them on the call record by choosing a corresponding response from either option.

Compass user interface showing the panel for objections and customer questions

Upon selecting a customer objection or question, you'll see a pop-up appear with content on how to handle them, as seen in the example below:

Compass user interface showing pop-up for objection handling

After you've handled the customer's question or objection, click Close to return to the script.

For more information on setting up objections, read the article Creating Objection Handlers and for more information on setting up customer questions, read the article Creating Responses to Customer Questions

How to end the call

When you get to a section of the script that doesn't have any answers, it's considered a final section and will internally make the call as complete.

Compass user interface ending a call

After you click Done or End Call you'll be shown the record for the completed call that includes a chronological list of every answer, objection, and customer question selected during the call and the time they were selected.

Compass user interface for complete call record

For more information on viewing calls, read the article Viewing Calls

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