How to view calls

This article explains how to view the details of a completed call. A call in Compass means a session where a script is used.

Note: Only admins, managers, and analysts can view the call records for all users. Reps are only shown the call records for themself.

Viewing all calls

To get started, navigate to the Calls page as seen below.

Compass software UI showing a list of all calls

The calls overview page lists each call record with the following details:

Date: The date, formatted as MM/DD/YYYY when the call started.
Time: The time when the call was started.
Duration: The total duration from the time the call was started until completion.
Script: The script used during the call.
User: The user who used the script during the call.

Other markers that might show include:

Won: Displayed if the call was marked as won.
Incomplete: Displayed if the call was left without selecting the Done or End Call options.

Viewing the details of a completed call

To view the details of a completed call, select a record from the list of calls. The completed call record will appear as seen below. Completed call records are a permanent log of the call and can't be edited.

Compass software UI displaying a completed call record

The sidebar includes the details of the call including the date, script used, user, and notes. The Edit button allows you to change the notes.

The call record lists each section and answer selected in chronological order. The time the answer was selected is included.

If any objections or customer questions were selected during the call, they are also included in the call record chronologically.

To learn more about objection handling, read the article on How to handle objections during a call and to learn more about responding to customer questions, read the article on How to respond to customer questions.

Note: Only admins and managers can access the Delete Call option shown on the top right of the call record.

Incomplete Calls

If a call is left without selecting the Done or End Call options then it's marked as incomplete and will show as such on the list of calls.

Compass software UI displaying an incomplete call

When an incomplete call is selected, the user is redirected to the live call page and is shown the last question they saw before leaving the call.

Note: Incomplete calls are not included in report data or calculations.

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