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Understanding Fields

Fields provide the ability to create custom form fields, add them to Workflow Sections and then use them to collect information during Sessions.

This article illustrates all of the ways that Fields are used in Compass.

1. Create Fields

Before you can use Fields, you must create them. Fields are managed in your account at Workflows > Fields.

Compass software interface showing how to navigate to the fields page

2. Attach Fields to Workflow Sections

After your Fields are set up, next you need to attach them to Workflow Sections. This is done in the Workflow editor, as seen below.

Compass software interface showing how to attach fields to a workflow section

3. Use Fields to collect information in Sessions

After you've attached Fields to a Workflow Section, you're ready to use them in Sessions. When you encounter a Section that has Fields in a Session, you will see the inputs where you can enter information.

Compass software interface showing fields in a session

4. Review and Update Field Data in Competed Sessions

After you've collected information with Fields during Sessions, you can return later to review and update the information.

Compass software interface showing collected field information in a completed session record

Now you understand the entire lifecycle of Fields. You're ready to create your own and begin to streamline your workflows.

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