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Creating Items

The knowledge base is a feature that helps centralize the internal information for your company so that your team has all of the information they need while they work.

This article outlines how to create Knowledge Base Items in your Compass account. Items represent articles of content and live inside categories.

To get started, navigate to Manage > Knowledge Base.

Compass software interface showing how to navigate to the knowledge base

Choose a category. In this example, we'll select the "Common Questions" category. Then select the New Item button.

Compass software interface showing the new item button

You should see a sidebar appear on the right side of the screen.

Compass software interface showing the item side panel

Give the item a name that best represents the content, then add content. Once complete, choose the Save button.

Nice work! Now you know how to create Knowledge Base Items in Compass. Now you can reference this content during sessions.

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