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Using the Knowledge Base

This article outlines how to use the items of content in your knowledge base during a session in your Compass account.

To get started, start a new session. If you aren’t familiar with sessions, we recommend that you read the article, Creating a Session.

After starting a new session, assuming you’ve selected a workflow that has categories assigned to it, you will see the Knowledge Base side panel on the left of your screen.

Compass software interface showing the knowledge base panel during a session

You can select the items of content at any point during the session. Upon selection, the side panel will expand and display the content, as seen below.

Compass software interface showing an item from the knowledge base

If you choose the Close button on the side panel, then you can always re-open the panel by selecting the Knowledge Base menu item

Compass software interface showing the knowledge base menu item

Excellent! Now you understand how to use the knowledge base. The knowledge base helps your team always have the information they need to do their best work.

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