Script Usage Report

This article explains the Script Usage report and how to get the most out of it.

Viewing the report

You can find the Script Usage report in your account at Reports > Script Usage.

Compass software UI showing how to navigate to the script usage report

Once you've selected the Script Usage report, you'll see the first part of the report, which includes details about how all active users in your account have used each script.

Compass software UI displaying the script usage report

The Script Usage Report includes the following metrics:

Script name: The name given to a script.
Total calls: The total number of completed calls.
Win rate: The total number of won calls. A won call is indicated by a call that ends on a script section that is marked as a win.
Average duration: The average duration in hours, minutes, and seconds of all completed calls.

Filtering Script Usage by User

Selecting a row from the Script Usage report allows you to drill down further and view details about the usage of a specific script for each user in your account.

Compass software UI displaying the script usage report by user

Note: Calls are marked as completed when a user selects the done button or the end call button. If you leave a call in another way, it will be incomplete. The Script Usage Report only shows metrics from completed calls.

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