How to add objection handling

This article outlines how to create objection handlers. Objection handlers give your team the information they need to handle all objections raised during a call.

Note: Only admins and managers can manage objections.

Create a new objection

First, navigate to Scripts > Objections

Compass user interface to navigate to objections page

After navigating to the objections page, click New to create a new objection.

Compass user interface new objection button

Complete the details for the new objection. Below are the descriptions for each part of an objection.

Name: A human readable identifier that is displayed during the call and in reporting of the completed call.

Content: The information that your team members will need to handle the objection successfully. The Markdown formatting language is supported in this field so that you can format the information in a meaningful way.

Script Assignment: The scripts that the objection will be used with.

Compass user interface form to create new objection

To learn how to use the Markdown formatting language, click here.

Once you’ve completed the objection details, select the Create button.

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