How to create a script

This article outlines the steps to create a script and its sections, and then linking everything together.

Note: Only admins and managers can manage scripts.

Step 1 — Start a new script

First, head over to Scripts > New Script

Compass software UI that demonstrates starting a new script.

You'll be taken to the script entry page as seen below:

Compass software UI for starting a new script

Give your new script a name and category in order to proceed to the script editor.

Tip: Need to create a new category? Go to Scripts > Categories

After you've added a name and category, you can start building your script. Click the Continue to Script Editor button as seen below.

Compass software UI proceed to script builder

Step 2 — Create your Sections

Each section represent a single question to ask the customer or prospect and a list of potential responses.

Enter a name for the section. You'll identify the section by the name later, so it's best to be short but descriptive.

Enter a question. This is what the rep will be prompted to say during the call.

Choose Add Answer then fill in the answer. The answers will be listed in the order you create them and can't be reordered.

Click Create New Section to create another section for the script, then repeat these steps.

Compass software UI showing the script section editor

Step 3 — Link it all together

Once you've created the sections, you'll need to link them together. This will determine the flow of the script.

To start linking sections, click View Script Diagram in the top right corner.

Compass software UI showing the switch to the script diagram

In this example, the first section created in the script was named Greeting. The Greeting section was created with two answers, so we see two branches coming from that section, and the option to link a section to each answer.

Click on Unlinked Section to link a section to the answer for the above section.

Compass software UI showing click to link a section in the script

In this example, we're going to link a section to answer 1 in the Greeting section.

Choose the section you want to appear next in the script.

Compass software UI showing selecting a section to link to the script answer

Continue linking sections until you've created your entire script.

Compass software UI showing a complete sections linked together to form a complete script

Tip: Click on a section to see more info about the section including the question and answers. You can also unlink the section's answers from other sections here.

Compass software UI showing the section side panel for the script

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