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Triggering an Immediate Action

This article outlines how to work with Actions that have immediate timing.

Immediate Action screen overview

Actions are triggered during Sessions. If an Action has the timing set to immediate, then as soon as you encounter the Section then you will see a popover appear on the bottom right of your screen.

Compass software interface showing an immediately triggered action

An Action that is triggered immediately can be sent right then, or you can hide the panel and work with it later. If the Action is never handled before the last Section, then it's added to the Action Review screen.

Changing an Action before sending it

Before you send an Action, you can change its details, similar to on the Actions Review Screen. To view and change the details, select the View Details button.

Compass software interface showing the view details button on the action

This will open a larger panel with all of the editable details for the Action.

Compass software interface showing the expanded action details

Once you're happy with the details, go ahead and select Send to fire the Action.

Hiding and showing the Actions

When immediate Actions are triggered they are visible on the screen, but if you want to hide the Action popovers and handle it later, you can select the Hide button.

Compass software interface showing the hide immediate actions button

Once selected, the lightning button will appear with a number to indicate the amount of immediate Actions that are hidden.

Compass software interface showing the hidden action indicator

You can select the lightning button to show all of the hidden immediate Actions.

Remove an Action

You can select the trash icon on the Action popover to remove it. Removing an Action will delete it from the Session.

Compass software interface showing how to delete an immediate action

Woo! Now you know all about working with immediate Actions in Compass. We hope you enjoy automating tasks with Actions.

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