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Reviewing Actions

This article outlines how to work with the Review Actions screen.

Review Actions screen overview

Actions are triggered during Sessions. Actions can have their timing set to immediate or delayed.

At the end of the session, unhandled immediate actions and delayed actions are presented for review in the Review Actions screen.

Compass software interface showing the review action screen at the end of a session

You can expand the Action panel so that you can review and edit any details before it's fired off.

Compass software interface showing an expanded action during the review

Invalid Actions

If an Action contains variables that weren't completed with Fields, then you won't be able to fire the Actions until you edit the incomplete information.

Compass software interface showing an incomplete action

When you expand the invalid Action there are instructions to point out the invalid data.

Compass software interface showing an expanded incomplete action

Once you have satisfied the requirements of the Action, then the red outline and error icon will disappear and you can proceed.

Prevent an Action from firing

To delete the Action and prevent it from being fired, you can select the trash can icon shown at the bottom right of the expanded panel.

Compass software interface showing how to delete an action

Ready, set, fire the actions

If you are satisfied with the Actions and ready to fire them off, go ahead and select Complete Session & Fire Actions.

Then you're all done! Reviewing Actions is simple and has tons of flexibility.

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