How to use a workflow

This article outlines how to use a workflow in a session. A session represents a single use of a workflow and all of the answers selected, field information collected, and any responses selected.

Start a new session

To get started, navigate to Sessions > New Sessions or select the + icon shown on the top right of the menu.

Compass software example of navigating to the new session buttons

Next, select the workflow that you would like to use and then choose the Start button.

Compass software example of starting a new session

Note: If a workflow is marked as incomplete that means it has answer(s) that are unassigned and need section(s) linked to them.

Using the workflow

At the top of the screen you’ll see the section name and content, followed by the answers on the section.

If there are responses assigned to the workflow, such as objections or customer questions, then they’ll be visible as well. To learn more about using responses during a session, we recommend you read the article Using Responses During a Session.

Compass software examaple of a live session

If a section has fields attached to it, they are available for data collection on the right side panel. To learn more about gathering information during a session with fields, we recommend you read the article Gathering Information During a Session.

To continue to another section in the workflow, select an answer and then choose Continue to Next Section. You will repeat this process until you reach an end section.

Compass software example of continuing to the next section in the workflow

How to end a session

Once an end section is reached, select the button labelled Complete Session.

Compass software example of completing a session

If the end section you finish on is marked as a win, then the session is regarded as won in the completed session record and reports. To learn more how the win rate works, we recommend you read the article Understanding Win Rate.

You can end the session immediately at any point by selecting the End Session button found on the top right of the screen.

Compass software example of the end session button

Pausing a session lets you leave and return to it at a later time. All selected answers, responses, and field information is saved automatically during the session.

Notes can be gathered throughout the session. They are persisted throughout the entire session and don’t belong to an individual section.

Next, learn about Viewing Completed Sessions.

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