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Reviewing a Completed Session Record

This article outlines the various parts of a completed Session and its record.

Session record overview

The Session record contains a chronological list of Sections and Responses. Sections include the name, content, and selected Answer. Responses contain the name and type.

Compass software interface showing a completed session and its record

If the Session ended on a Section marked as a win, then the Session indicates that at the top of the record with a green stripe and "WON" label.

The time that each Answer or Response was selected is indicated on the right side of the record.


Information gathered using Fields and notes are shown on the left side panel. If a Field wasn't completed, then the text "Not Provided" is used as a placeholder.

Compass software interface showing the completed fields

You can edit any of the collected information using the Edit button. This will transform the displayed information into input fields.

Compass software interface showing that you can edit the fields of the completed session

Once you're done editing the fields, select the Save button.


The Actions show the total number for each status. The possible statuses are not fired, pending, sent, and failed.

Compass software interface showing an overview of the actions on the completed session

Actions are set to not fired when a Session is immediately ended.

If you select Show Actions, then you can view more details about the Actions.

Compass software interface showing the action details on the completed session

If an Action was sent or is pending, then you can view the details without the ability to make changes.

Compass software interface showing the action details

If an Action was not sent or failed, then you can edit the Action details and then send it.

Compass software interface showing editing the action details

Note: If an Action fails to send more than 3 times, then you won't be able to try again.

Great! Now you know all about reviewing a completed Session. Hopefully, you found this article helpful.

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