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This article outlines how Sessions are marked as won and how to setup Workflows to use this feature.

Setup on the workflow

In order for the system to understand if a Session has been won, you'll first need to mark an end Section in the Workflow as a win.

To get started, navigate to Workflows and select a Workflow or start a new one. For help on creating a Workflow, we recommend you read the article Creating a Workflow.

Once in the Section editor for a Workflow, choose or create an end section that indicates a successful result, such as scheduling a meeting or placing an order.

Compass software interface showing the win toggle on a workflow section

The win option will only appear if no Answers are added to the Section. Without Answers, the Section indicates the end of a Workflow.

Reviewing won sessions

After a Session ends on a Section marked as won, the Session itself is marked as won. If you navigate to the Sessions page, you can view an overview of the won Sessions based on the "Won" text included in the row.

Compass software interface showing a list of won sessions

If you select the completed session, the green border shown at the top of the session record indicates the session was won.

Compass software interface showing the won indicator on a completed session

Analyzing the win rate

The Workflow Usage report and User Performance reports both include the win rate. This metric is calculated from completed Sessions that are marked as won.

Compass software interface showing the win rate in reports

Yay! Now you understand how the win rate works with Workflows, Sessions, and Reports. The win rate is a great way to keep track of value business metrics and conversions.

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