How to manage user roles

This article outlines the multiple user roles and what permissions they are granted.

Note: Only admins can change roles.

How to change a user's role

Navigate to Team and click on a person.

Compass user interface for navigating to a user

In the Roles section, select the desired role from the drop-down.

Compass user interface for changing a user's role

To finish, just click Save.

Permissions for each role

There are four different roles: reps, managers, admins, and analysts. Listed below you'll find the permissions given to each role.

  • Make calls.
  • View their own calls and edit their call notes.
  • View all scripts.
  • View all objections and customer questions.
  • View reports based on their own data.

A manager can do everything a rep can do as well as:

  • View, edit, and delete calls.
  • Create, edit, and delete scripts.
  • Create, edit, and delete categories.
  • Create, edit, and delete objections and customer questions.
  • View reports based on all users data.

An admin can do everything that a manager can do as well as:

  • Add, edit, and remove users.
  • Manage account settings.
  • Manage billing.
  • Close the account.

An analyst can only view completed calls and reports. They cannot make or edit calls or manage scripts or the account.

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