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Managing User Roles

This article explains the various user roles and how to change a user’s role. To get started, navigate to the Team page and select a User.

Note: Only admins can change roles.

How to change a user's role

Navigate to Team and click on a person.

Compass software interface showing the team page with a list of users

In the Roles section, select the desired role from the dropdown menu.

Compass software interface showing how to change the user's role

To finish, select the Save button.

Permissions for each role

There are three different roles: reps, managers, admins. Listed below you'll find the permissions given to each role.

  • Create Sessions.
  • View their own Sessions.
  • View all Workflows.
  • View Responses (customer questions and objections.)
  • Connect to enabled integrations.
  • View reports based on their own Sessions.

A manager can do everything a rep can do as well as:

  • View, edit, and delete Sessions.
  • Create, edit, and delete Workflows.
  • Create, edit, and delete Categories.
  • Create, edit, and delete Responses (objections and customer questions.)
  • Create, edit, and delete Fields.
  • View reports based on all User data.

An admin can do everything that a manager can do as well as:

  • Add, edit, and remove Users.
  • Enable Integrations
  • Manage account settings.
  • Manage billing.
  • Close the account.

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