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Attaching Fields to a Section

Fields give you the power to collect different types of information during a Session. Fields are added to individual Workflow Sections. This article outlines how to attach Fields to a the Section of a Workflow.

Note: only admins and managers can manage Workflows

1. Create fields

To get started, you will need to create Fields in your account at Workflows > Fields. For more information on how to create fields, please read the article Creating a Field.

Compass software interface showing a list of Fields

2. Open your Workflow

After you've connected an integration, navigate to Workflows and choose a Workflow.

Compass software interface showing the list of Workflows

3. Choose a Section

Fields are attached to individual Sections in the Workflow and they are shown in Sessions when you encounter the Section.

After you've selected a Workflow, choose the Section you want to add Fields to.

Compass software interface showing a selected Section of a Workflow

4. Attach the fields to the Section

After you've chosen a Section, scroll down to the “Fields” part of the Section and select the Add Fields button.

Compass software interface showing the add fields button

Next, choose the Fields that will be attached to the Section in the Workflow.

Compass software interface showing selecting fields to add to a section

Once you've selected all of your desired Fields, select Save. This should collapse the Fields management screen and display the selected Fields as "Attached Fields" on the Section.

Compass software interface showing the attached fields on the workflow

You're all set! You've added Fields to a Section in your Workflow. Now you're ready to start a new Session and have the power to seamlessly collect information during an interaction.

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