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How to copy a workflow

This article outlines how to copy a Workflow. Copying or changing a Workflow will not affect any completed Sessions.

Note: only admins and managers can copy Workflows

1. Select a Workflow to copy

To get started, navigate to Workflows and choose the Workflow that you would like to copy.

Compass software interface showing a list of Workflows

2. Copy the workflow

Select the Copy Workflow button from the sidebar in the Workflow editor.

Compass software interface showing the copy workflow button

After you copy the Workflow, the page will refresh and you will be located on the page for the new copy of the Workflow.

The new Workflow will have the words "Copy" appended to its name.

Compass software interface showing the copied workflow

Great work! Now you know how to copy Workflows in Compass. This gives you the powers to quickly scale out your workflows or test the various iterations of a workflow.

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