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Linking Sections Together

A Workflow isn't very useful until you've linked its Sections to its Answers. This process is extremely simple in Compass. This article outlines how to link Sections to Answers in Workflows.

1. Open the Workflow Diagram

To get started, navigate to Workflows and select a Workflow. Then open the Workflow Diagram view as seen below.

Compass software interface showing the diagram view button

You should see the Diagram view appear with a list of all your Sections on the right sidebar. Answers that are not linked to Sections are marked as "Unassigned."

You must link a Section to each unassigned Answer in order to complete a Workflow and use it in Sessions.

Compass software interface showing unassigned sections in the workflow diagram

2. Link Sections to unassigned Answers

To link a Section an an unassigned Answer, simply use your mouse to drag a Section from right sidebar and drop it on top of an "Unassigned" option.

Once you drop the Section, you’ll see it show up below the answer.

Compass software interface showing a linked section in the diagram view

3. How to unlink Sections from Answers

If you need to unlink a Section from an Answer simply hover your mouse over the Section in the diagram. This will reveal an unlink button. Select the button to remove the link.

Compass software interface showing the unlink button

The diagram will reload and you will see the "Unassigned" text where there was previously the Section.

Way to go! Now you know how to link and unlink Sections to Answers in your Workflows. This is a foundational part of building Workflows.

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