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Using Variables


Variables are a powerful feature of Compass that are used in Section content and Actions. This article explains how variables work and outlines how to add variables to Section content.

Compass includes the following system variables that are always available:

  • User's First Name
  • User's Last Name
  • Company Name
  • Today's Date

For an abundance of flexibility you can also use Fields as variables. During a Session, the Field must be completed in a Section prior to one where the variable is used, otherwise only the name for the variable is displayed in the content.

If you aren't familiar with Fields, we recommend that you read the article, Understanding Fields.

Add a variables to section content

To get started, navigate to Workflows and choose a Workflow, then choose a Section where you would like to add a variable.

Compass software interface showing a workflow section

Next, use the Insert Variable option or type the # key to show the variable popover menu.

If you use the # key, then you can insert variables inline, as seen below.

Compass software interface showing adding an inline variable to section content

If you use the Insert Variable option, then the variable is always inserted at the end of the content.

Select a variable from the list of options, then observe that the variable is added to the content.

Compass software interface showing a variable in the section content

Now when you're in a Session and have completed the Field prior to encountering the Section with the variable, you should observe that the variable is automatically populated, as seen below.

Compass software interface showing a variable populated in a session

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